30th Anniversary of Pyramid Snow Cap

(Absolutely shameless plug for the brewery I work for.  They aren’t paying me to write this, I just happen to really like this beer, but for disclosure I do work for Pyramid Breweries)

The days are getting darker and colder, the hop harvest has ended and the fresh hop beers are fading away.  That can only mean one thing.  Dark beer season! Yes, as the days turn darker so do the seasonal beers.  Porters, Stouts, Barleywines and Winter Warmers are the biere du jour.  There’s tons to choose from, and by all means try as many as you can, but I have one I’d like to add to your mix, it’s one of my personal favorites.

One beer that’s been around a long time but probably gets mostly overlooked is Pyramid Snow Cap.  Sure, Pyramid is not as cool as The Bruery or Goose Island Bourbon County, but this beer has stood the test of time for a long time, more on that later.

Snow Cap is a dark winter warmer with some really interesting “spice” notes from the malt and hops.  It’s very tasty with just a slight sweetness and a good biscuity malt.  At 7% ABV it will do a pretty good job of “warming” as well.   An English style ale, with some slight fruitiness and East Kent Golding hops for an nice spice. If you like dark malty beers, this is a good one for you to try.

However, this year is also a special year.  Snow Cap this year is celebrating 30 years! One of the original seasonals from Pyramid which has become a perennial favorite.  As such a special occasion would warrant, there are also two special versions of Snow Cap being released this year.

The first is Super Snow Cap, which has a little bump in alcohol up to 8.7% and some extra dry hopping just to crank it up to 11.  Pretty much the same recipe amped up. Normally a draft only offering, this year it’s being offered in special 30th Anniversary 22oz bottles.

The cream of the crop, and even more limited, is the Bourbon Barrel Aged Snow Cap, made especially for this 30th Anniversary.  A batch of Super Snow Cap spent almost a year hanging out in Kentucky Bourbon barrels adding oak, vanilla and whiskey flavors to the mix.  Clocking in at 10% ABV this is just the thing to (responsibly) warm up a cold Oregon winter night.  Available in 22oz bottles perfect for sharing at the holidays.


For more info on the three brews you can check out the Pyramid Ales page HERE.

In your search for a nice beer to warm this winter for you, may I humbly recommend the Pyramid Snow Cap series of beers.  As the website says, it’s a great time to get snowed in!


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