I am a food scientist/food geek from the East Coast who moved to Beervana and discovered a major love affair with beer.  I am now a home brewer and BJCP Beer Judge. My hobby became my profession when I took a job working in the quality lab of a local brewery.  This blog will be my outlet for beer reviews and event recaps, as well as my thoughts on things going on in the industry.

Why the Traveling Yeti? My parents nickname for me growing up was “Bigfoot” and now that I’ve moved to Pro-Sasquatch Portland, the running joke with my wife and I is that I’m a Yeti and every time we go hiking I’m “returning to my natural habitat”.  The traveling part is a reference to how much my wife and I like to travel, and an homage to me driving cross country from North Carolina to Oregon.

I am a member of the Oregon Brew Crew homebrewing club, the Oregon Brewers Guild and the American Homebrewers Association.

I live in Tigard, Oregon with my wife.  We live in a small apartment and so I stovetop brew very small (2-3 gallon) mostly extract batches.

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